The Background

Home Furnishing by Design is a successful furniture store in Lakewood that offers exclusive brands in furniture and provides friendly and efficient service.

The Problem

They reached out to the Core because the clientele they were currently targeting was a lower-end clientele that wasn’t bringing in the desired profit. The business was lacking the ability to attract a higher-end clientele, and that was stunting their growth on the market.


Home Furnishing Strategic Brand Positioning

What We Did

Strategic Brand Positioning
Market Research
Business Consulting
Ad Placement

The Solution 

Our job was to safely navigate them from a ‘Sale’ and lower end store to a higher-end store focusing exclusively on dining rooms.
Based on the company’s core attributes and business goals, a strategic brand voice was created, with the goal of carving a unique niche in the market.
We built a brand targeting the emotions of new homebuyers interested in dining rooms.