The Background

EMH is a legacy shoe store in downtown Lakewood. Their decor is not up to date, although one is greeted with the warmest smile and personalized service upon walking in.  Their stock is limited, but their collection beautiful, trendy, with-it.

The Problem

They had no logo or branding, their ads did nothing to reflect their core values, and although they did have their steady and loyal customers, most people in town had either never heard of them, or opted to shop in the more modern, up-to date shops.


EMH Shoe Gallery Branding

What We Did

Ad Campaign

The Solution 

We had to create a brand that would drastically change the way people perceived this shoe store, without any budget for re-designing or renovating the shop. We also had to preserve the antique legacy and the honesty that is the persona of the store and the reason people flock there loyally year after year.