The Background

Cm cosmetics is a small company just starting out, with a dream and a vision. It is located in the state-of-the art, one-room studio in the owner’s home. “I want it to start small so buyers can feel that personal warmth, and that unique attention,” the founder of this beauty line told us. “And the goal is that they should walk out with a luxurious purchase, and a smile.

The Problem

When the CEO and owner of CM Cosmetics approached us, she had no name or face in the market. Only a dream and a vision; to provide luxurious makeup and a personal buying experience to Lakewood women. She approached us to create and name her brand of luxury Canadian makeup, with the challenge of giving over the feel of the  true luxury and personal buying experience to Lakewood women. The brand also needed a strong voice in an over-crowded market of cosmetics.


Cosmetic Line Branding and Marketing

What We Did

Brand Positioning
Advertising Campaign
CX Program
Product Labeling

The Solution 

The CM Cosmetics brand and tagline was born. “Your Beauty is Unique” is meant to tell every woman out there that she is a beautiful individual deserving of pampering and attention. The brand colors gold and pink capture the femininity and the luxury that the brand stands for. CM cosmetics is now positioned for growth in the Lakewood beauty market. We Delivered A Brand Of Individuality, Luxury,Beauty, and Warmth.