Hi designers out there! Here are some design tips from BrandUp to help you keep your work looking professional and eye-catching.

First, KEEP YOUR FONTS SIMPLE. Classic, balanced fonts are the way to go. Notice that major brands like Verizon use simple Helvetica as their logo. A good font takes years to create, and takes a professional eye to create. Don’t mess with a font that has unbalanced curves and edges your viewers find hard to read.

Second, DON’T BE SCARED OF SCALE. Keep the layout versatile. Apply scale to type, shapes or compositional features that need proportionate emphasis. Use appropriate colors to enhance this technique while making sure suitable typefaces that look good when increased in size.

Third, and most important, ADD YOUR OWN SPICE OF CREATIVITY to any work you do. Of course, all designers take inspiration from each other and it’s okay to get fuel from a project you found elsewhere. But never forget to add your own individual twist to any design you create. People will appreciate that you can be different.

Good Luck!

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